April is the time to reseed. Here are tips from the experts.

Need to rejuvenate your lawn? April is the time to  reseed. Here are a few tips from our experts before you start. This Sundown Gardens You Tube video featuring our own expert Nelson Scharadin provides great information about quality grass seed products.

  1. If you have already applied a pre-emergent herbicide, or a lawn service company has started a five —application program for you, wait until the fall to put down grass seed.
  2. Till the bare soil before you seed.
  3. Keep grass seed you must keep it constantly moist until it germinates.
  4. Broadcast the seed per the rate chart on the bag either by hand or with a spreader.
  5. Germination depends on the type of seed you use: Kentucky bluegrass 21 to 28 days, ryegrass 10 to14 days and fescue just 7 days.
  6. Gently rake the seed into the soil, so it isn’t sitting on top.
  7. Topsoil or event topsoil compost mix raked over the areas helps germination.
  8. Applying straw helps to keep moisture in and protects the seed from direct sun and less erosion.
  9. When the new grass becomes 4 inches in height, it’s time for the first mowing (mow high at 3 and 1/2 inches).
  10. Reapplying another round of starter fertilizer after mowing also is helpful.
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