Turf, Tree and Shrub Care

Lawn Care Programs


At Sundown Gardens, we’ve been serving Central Indiana since 1949. As such, we truly understand the area’s soils, grass types, and weather conditions. What’s more, we continually research the latest products and techniques, utilizing only the best and safest for our programs.

We provide a thorough, proven six-step lawn treatment to ensure a greener, thicker, weed-free lawn. Each program is property specific. You’ll work with the same great team of Sundown experts throughout the entire six-step application process to ensure consistency in care.

Our Six-Step Program Consists of:

1. Early Spring: Fertilization with Pre-emergent
2. Late Spring: Fertilization, Weed Control  & Surface Insecticide
3. Summer: Fertilization & Weed Control (Grub Control optional)
4. Mid Summer: Fertilization & Spot Weed Control
5. Early Fall: Fertilization & Weed Control
6. Late Fall: Winter Fertilizer

Tree and Shrub Care


Trees and shrubs are the backbone of your landscape. Our team provides the care and maintenance they require to reach their full potential.

Whether you’re looking for fertilization, disease and insect control, or hazardous tree assessment, Sundown Gardens can help.

The controls we use for insect and disease problems, combined with our application methods, are both eco-friendly and effective. From horticultural oils to systemic injections, our Plant Health Care Techs will find the right solutions for your property.

Insecticide Application — controls pest on specific plants
Fungicide Application — for disease prevention
Mitidcide Application — controls mites on specific plants
Emerald Ash Borer Treatment — including injections, sprays or drenches.