Do you DIY?

We’ve come up with a foolproof way to help you stay on top of lawn care. Our Do-it-Yourself Lawn Care programs are designed to take the guess work out of product applications and timing. Here’s how it works:

  • You sign up for either the 4 Step or 6 Step program.
  • You take the bagged product home
  • We call or email you when it’s time to apply each step.

How easy is that? If you don’t have room to store your products, we’ll keep them for you at no extra charge.

The Basic 4 Step Program   $69.99

The Basic 4 Step Program provides season-long, slow-release feeding and early season weed control for your lawn. Each bag provides 5000 square feet of coverage. You receive one bag for each Step.

STEP 1  Lawn Food Plus Crabgrass and Weed Preventer  Apply in early Spring to prevent the most common and troublesome weeds in you lawn.

STEP 2  Weed and Feed  Apply in late Spring to kill  weeds that are actively growing in your lawn. It eliminates over 200 types of weeds.

STEP 3  Classic Lawn Food  Apply in Summer to promote lawn health and continued good growth. A healthy, vigorous lawn naturally resists diseases and insect damage.

STEP 4  Lawn Food Plus Iron  Apply in early Fall to reinvigorate your lawn. It contains chelated iron to green up off-color lawns.

The Deluxe 6 Step Program   $107.00

The Deluxe 6 Step Program provides all the benefits of the Basic 4 Step Program plus it adds an insecticide application and an additional application of fertilizer in mid-Fall to prepare the lawn for maximum growth in the Spring. Each application covers 5000 square feet of your lawn. You receive one bag for each Step.

STEP 1  Lawn Food Plus Crabgrass and Weed Preventer

STEP 2  Weed and Feed

STEP 3  Classic Lawn Food

STEP 4  Insecticide Application — Select the Right One for Your Lawn

  • Use Grub Free Zone II in early June for season long control of white grubs.
  • Use Grub Control in mid to late June to prevent or eliminate white grubs, cutworms and sod webworms.

Research has shown that rotating turf grass insecticides prevents lawn insects from developing resistance to the insecticides. So, if you used Grub Free Zone II last year, select Grub Control this year for more effective control.

STEP 5  Lawn Food Plus Iron

STEP 6  Winterizer  Apply in mid Fall. This fertilizer helps harden late season growth and build strong roots. Spring.

Timing is EVERYTHING in lawn care. Call us today to get started!

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