It rained–a little bit! Now what?

Joe Russ, Sundown Gardens co-owner and manager of the groundskeeping division, says there are actionable items for your landscaping to keep it healthier during these dry times. 

Mulch much? Look around the roots of your plants, trees and shrubs for two inches of mulch. If it’s not thick enough, add to the mulch level to bring it up to proper depth. When combined with proper watering, the mulch will help conserve much needed moisture for your plant material.

Know the details. Review the details of the watering ban on the Citizens Water website. Handwatering is permitted. As a matter of fact, handwatering at the base of plants is better for plants since it maximizes the water which gets to the root system, limits water on foliage and also helps to minimize water waste. Our crews can assist watering-ban affecting homeowners with handwatering service (estimates available), if needed.

Pruning helps. Newer growth will tend to dry out faster in these hot and dry conditions. Some light hand pruning to remove new growth will help to minimize die back and also keep your plants looking healthy and natural; be sure to water the plants before and after pruning  and don’t hard shear, and remove any dead limbs or foliage.  Also, be sure to dead head perennial and annual flowers, as well as removing any spent foliage.

Got  Stress?  If a plant is starting to brown, it isn’t necessarily dead (yet). Check the stems and buds to see if they’re still green and pliable. If so, there’s a good chance the plant can rebound.  It is important to keep the plant routinely watered in order to give it the best chance for surviving.

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