Landscaping suggestions from Joe…

Joe Russ, co-owner of Sundown Gardens, offers a few suggestions for updating and managing your landscape this season.

Meet with an experienced designer to plan and budget. Want a landscaping update this season? Think through your ideas and then share them with a professional.  It doesn’t matter if ideas are general or specific. Dream a bit. Experienced designers can organize and prioritize ideas into realistic and aesthetic plans. An experienced designer can be a big help to get your ideas on paper, organize various elements and create a one-of-a-kind plan that is more importantly functional and affordable.

Partner with experts to implement your project. Although landscaping isn’t rocket science, installing larger material (trees for example), completing larger bedding areas and creating hardscape elements can be overwhelming. Before implementing any landscaping project on your own, consider whether to hire out installation or do it yourself. I’ve heard clients talk about lost weekends, lost time with family or lost days of vacation to get the job done. Is it worth it? Maybe so, maybe not. It depends on your skill level and available time. Consider the options before you start. We have some clients who complete smaller phases of work on their own, while our crews take on larger elements and phases of the project.

Give that landscape TLC. It doesn’t matter if you’re installing new landscaping or managing existing plantings, low maintenance does not mean no maintenance required. Your home’s exterior needs as much upkeep as its interior. Spring clean-up, edging and mulching beds translates to curb appeal. A five-step lawn application program each season keeps your property green and healthy. Properly pruning in the appropriate season protects your landscaping investment and can extend the life and beauty of your property. Don’t have a lot of time to water in the heat of summer? Consider a well-designed, site specific irrigation system. Be proactive–no matter the property size; it will most likely save you time, money and effort in the long term

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