Some homeowners are finding it tough to keep up with sprinklers and irrigation systems during this long dry, hot June. Our clients and customers are asking, “So what happens to my lawn if I can’t water?”

Armed with the right information, your lawn will return to green:

  1. If you simply can’t keep up with watering or choose not to water certain areas of the yard during the summer heat and drought, the turf goes dormant. Although the turf area will brown out, with minimal water it won’t necessarily die.
  2. Key here to keeping the lawn dormant: Keep traffic to a minimum on the turf. That means no mowing and limit people, animals or anything else on the lawn.
  3. Keep in mind, plants need routine deep soaking water to survive. They don’t go dormant. If you have to choose between lawn and plants—choose plants. Without regular watering flowers and plants will die off.
  4. Click on these resource links that have good information on turf tips and water conservation during this time of heat and no rain.


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