Tips for fertilizing and watering new trees and shrubs

April is a great time to plant new trees and shrubs. Be sure to protect these investments with proper fertilizing treatments and watering.

  • During installation a slow release, starter fertilizer, such as Fertilome Start-n-Grow, should be mixed with the back-fill soil in order to promote root growth.
  • Water slowly and thoroughly with a solution of Fertilome Root Stimulator.
  • For plants that prefer an acidic soil, use Hi-Yield Soil Sulfur mixed with the back-filled soil at the time of planting.

Water the new plants every 3 to 7 days and at times every other day, depending on weather conditions and the type/size of the plant. Over watering and under watering are two of the top reasons that cause plant material to decline.

  1. Pull back the mulch around the root ball (base) of the plant.
  2. By hand—be sure to NOT disturb the plant’s root system—gently dig 2”-3” down into the soil in the root ball.
  3. Feel the soil in the root ball of the plant… is it hard and dry or cool and moist?
  4. If the soil in the root ball feels hard or dry, it most likely needs water.

The key to watering plant materials is to provide the plant with a slow, deep soaking water. The best way to do this is to lay the end of a garden hose (spray nozzle removed) near the base/root ball of the plant and let the water slowly trickle out. This means the water goes directly to the root ball.




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